Assima Tower

Improved: Assima Project – The largest commercial building in Kuwait City


The second Tallest Skyscraper in Kuwait

  • Project Location: Kuwait City
  • Builder: Salhia Real Estate Company K.S.C.
  • Architect: PLP/ Architecture
  • Structural Engineer: PACE
  • Executing Company: Ahmadiah Contracting & Trading K.C.S.C

The Assima Tower is part of the Assima Project, the largest commercial building complex in Kuwait City with over 380,000 m2 of usable space. The impressive skyscraper, which is being built with Cobiax void forming technology, has over 65 storeys above ground, three basement levels and takes space of of 90,000 m2 rising up to an overall height of 301.6 m.

The entire area is used commercially, mostly as office space. (Hence the name of the building complex: In Arabic, “Assima” means “capital”).

In terms of planning, the project was somewhat unclear: The original plan included solid, 60 cm ribbed slabs; but serious problems were encountered in the implementation. The owner of the building also wanted high ceilings. In addition it was a need to speed up the building process.

In a nutshell: Just the right conditions for the manifold advantages of Cobiax.

The depth of the slabs could be reduced considerably, thanks to the use of the Cobiax technology. Whereas the initial construction planning was based on 60 cm ribbed slabs, with Cobiax this could be reduced to 40 cm.

The slimmer slab construction also fulfilled the owner’s wish for higher ceilings on the individual floors.

The switch to Cobiax technologies also added value due to a reduced time for construction and also due to reduced construction height of the slabs.

With Cobiax voided modules, it is possible to construct buildings that would not have been possible with other typical slab construction methods.