We are the authorized distributors of disposable formwork for lightened and ventilated structural fillings for foundations and floors in Kuwait. At Al Bahar, we help engineers locate the products they need on ventilated crawl spaces which physically separate the building from the ground and raised floors.



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Ventilated foundations for residential, commercial and industrial buildings, refrigeration cells:


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Geoplast offers a wide range of products to create ventilated foundations in many fields: residential, industrial, or prefabricated buildings, schools, and also in case of renovation of existing buildings. Modulo, Minimodulo, Multimodulo, and New Elevetor are plastic formworks that can be used to build an efficient radon mitigation system. They are made of polypropylene, a recyclable material, resistant, light, and easy to place. Thanks to the technical characteristics they ensure good ventilation, even with a little thickness. If in the foundation the ventilation is important, it is also an excellent choice for roofs, as it allows to maintain a high level of hygro-thermic comfort, combined to a good acoustic isolation: the ideal product for this purpose is Minimodulo that ensures the maximum ventilation in a little space. Elevetor, thanks to its modularity and variable heights, is the right product to create access ramps or steps and sloping surfaces. Ventilated foundations are fundamental in the building of fridge cells: in fact, the low temperature can be transmitted to the structure and freeze the water contained in the ground, causing warps and cracks on the floor. A ventilated foundation with Modulo can avoid this situation.

Product Ingredients

MODULO | Formwork for lightened and ventilated structural fillings for foundations and slabs

Modulo is a formwork for the construction of ventilated crawl spaces which physically separate the building from the ground.
When properly ventilated, crawl spaces allow the elimination of rising damp and Radon Gas mitigation.

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Formwork for ventilated floors

Multimodulo is the result of Geoplast’s experience with plastic formwork systems for the construction of ventilated crawl spaces: it includes 4 elements in a single one, thus ensuring high standards of strength both during installation and pour thanks to nine supports for each element.

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The maximum ventilation in a little space

Minimodulo is the result of Geoplast’s experience in the construction of residential and industrial ventilated floors.
With Minimodulo it is now possible to build crawl spaces of 3 cm thickness without compromising the structural stability of the building.

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Modular and single-use formwork system for crawl spaces

New Elevetor is a system made of recycled polypropylene for the creation of tanks or crawl spaces in the foundations.

This system is ideal for the ventilation of reinforced concrete foundation slabs for residential, industrial and commercial buildings.

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Engineering Benefits
STACKABLE Unmatched logistical advantages when transporting and storing. At a height of 50 cm, conventional filling requires 50 trucks of filling in comparison to only 1 truck of MODULO NEW ELEVETOR .
LIGHTNESS By far it is the lightest filling solution; the total weight of the cross section is approximately equal to the thickness of the upper slab.
HIGH LOAD BEARING Countless pillars, arches and domes create the highest load bearing structure
VOID SPACE The void space created under MODULO NEW ELEVETOR allows an easy installation of electrical as well as mechanical systems. The void space is also perfect to ventilate damp and RADON GAS away from the building.
FAST When compared to traditional systems, it guarantees faster installation times up to the 80% (in respect to the use of the traditional inert materials).
SAVINGS MODULO NEW ELEVETOR system allows savings compared to the use of traditional inert materials, especially in terms of transport and installation.
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