Our Story

What started as an endeavour to produce silicone sealants and automotive paints over 50 years ago has evolved into the region’s leading manufacturer of industrial products.

We are a medium-sized privately operated industrial and trading group that has been in operations for 50 years. The group is based in Kuwait with subsidiaries in Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Qatar. Our industrial base covers adhesives, sealants, automotive refinish and detergents where we work with multinationals for quality products that add value to our customer base. The trading profile supplements the industrial sector and expands into technical solutions for structures and other areas.

Since embarking on our journey in 1972, our team of professionals has continued to transform challenges into opportunities through the combination of innovative solutions and environmentally conscientious manufacturing practices. 

Having earned an industry reputation for manufacturing products known for their exceptional quality and durability, we strive towards continued excellence. Ultimately, our mission is to fortify a strong international presence while simultaneously empowering regional growth and development.

Organizational Highlights

We begin manufacturing new Generation for Liquid Detergents (Green Seal).
Al-Bahar launches a new subsidiary in Qatar, established in the name of Al Man’e and Al-Bahar Trading and Contracting Company.
Partner for brilliant structural solutions (voided slabs, permanent raised floors, power tools and fasteners.)
Al-Bahar launches a new subsidiary in the United Arab Emirates, established in the name of Al-Bahar Basic Trading L.L.C.
We obtain our 14001 environmental management certification.
Al-Bahar launches a new subsidiary in Saudi Arabia, established in the name of Al-Bahar Specialty Co.
We obtain our 9001 quality management certification.
We commence silicone production in Kuwait, supported by General Electric (who provided their technology, raw materials, and expertise).
Post invasion, we begin to develop own-brand detergents, in addition to “white labeling” services for our clients.
Unilever extends our licensed to add more products across the entire Gulf region. Unfortunately, invasion caused us to temporarily pause the project.
Al Bahar is licensed by Unilever to produce their detergents in Kuwait for the local market.
AL-Bahar is licensed by a British company to manufacture adhesives in Kuwait.
Du Pont grants Al-Bahar license to mix their automotive paints for the Kuwait market, marking our entrance into the industries sector.
Our journey begins with the founding of Jassim Al-Bahar Trading.


At Al-Bahar Industries, we are proud to say that all of our products continually meet the growing demand for more sustainable and environmentally friendly industrial products. As an environmentally conscientious company, we make it a priority to meet, maintain, and exceed all regional and international environmental manufacturing guidelines. 

We are committed to demonstrating the achievements of our environmental goals and objectives by meeting the rigorous compliance standards designed to protect our communities and the future of our world. We take pride in continually achieving environmental sustainability. In addition to producing industry-leading products, all of our products have been certified for both ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 14001 Environmental Certification. 

Our progress is a testament to our drive and commitment to providing you with what you need and more. We look forward to working with you and continuing our journey as the leading regional manufacturer of silicone sealants, adhesives, detergents, and automotive refinish paints.