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Our extensive production experience demonstrates itself in customer consultancy services. Helped by a team of qualified professionals...

Our partnership with Unilever is a further quality assurance, with the gaining of extra expertise...


The Dupont accreditation for manufacturing automotive paints in Kuwait certifies our proficiency...


We produce a variety of adhesives and sealants for different uses, co-operating with major international firms such as General Electric (G.E), Dupont and many others.


In 1972, we began our journey. Throughout our growth until the present day, we have transformed challenges into opportunities.


  In 1979, we started to produce adhesives in cooperation with a British adhesive firm. 1986 saw Al Bahar Industries become the licensed producer of DuPont Automotive paints in Kuwait.

In the mid-1980s, we began to manufacture detergents under license from Unilever for Kuwait and other G.C.C markets, including Lux liquid and Sunsilk shampoo. In 2002, we commenced silicone production in Kuwait, supported by General Electric who provided the technology, raw materials and expertise. We have, since 2004, been growing at an annual rate of 30%.

Our success story doesn’t end there. We have continued to flourish, tripling our silicone sealant production capacity in 2013.

  Al- Bahar Industries is pleased to announce the attainment of the ISO140001: 2004, which marks another milestone on the journey of the company’s success. In line with the eco-friendly goals of the company, the ISO140001: 2004 is a valued accreditation in the field of environmental preservation, in terms of both safety and ecological impact